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Dynamic Data Selection Rules



This article will go over how to create a Dynamic Data Selection Rule using a Project Variable. Please see our KB on Project Variables for more information and how to create them here.

In this example we will be showing you how to create a Dynamic Data Selection Rule for Posting Date in the Value Entry table at the data source level of the project. This will require you to already have a Project Variable created. In this example we will be using the below Project Variable.


  1. Once you have your project variable created and ready to use, you'll navigate to the data source table you want to apply the Data Selection Rule to, in this case it's the Value Entry table.

  2. Right-click on the table and select Add Data Selection Rule.

  3. The Data Selection Rules window will appear on the right-hand side. Click on the table name at the top of the window. Then click Add at the bottom. Custom should already be selected in the Operator: selection box, if it is not please make sure to select it before clicking Add.

  4. The Custom Selection Rule window will open. Here you can specify which field or fields you want to apply the Data Selection Rule to and specify the actual rule itself.

    In our example we are using Posting Date. On the right-hand side drag the fields you want to use into the script window to set parameters. These are important, if you don't parameterize your script it could cause issues during Execution.

    To use the Project Variable you created, drag it into the script window. Project Variables are last in the list on the right-hand side. Once you've added any Project Variables, be sure to surround them in single quotes. If you do not you will run into issues during Execution.

  5. When you're finished click OK. Then navigate up to the Staging database and find the table you created your Data Selection Rule on, it will be red. Right-click on the table and select Deploy and Execute.

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