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Removing Active Directory Distribution Groups from Jet Reports



The installation program for Jet Reports 2019 and higher will automatically remove any Active Directory Distribution Groups that may have been configured for use in previous versions of Jet Reports. 

Distribution Groups should not be used to grant users access to resources.  Any existing A/D Distribution Groups that have been configured will be automatically removed from Jet configuration.

Individual accounts which do not already exist will be created for any users in any existing A/D Distribution Groups that are currently being used to assign permissions, the individual user accounts will be assigned those same permissions, and the Distribution Groups will be removed.

Converting/Removing Active Directory Distribution Groups

  1. If, during the installation process, any Active Directory Distribution Groups are found in Jet Reports configuration, you will be informed about which groups and users will be affected.


    Any A/D Dist Groups found (including those to which no users are assigned) will be displayed - along with those A/D users assigned to those groups. 

    Once the installation process is complete, the individual user accounts will be available within the Jet Administration Console and Jet Web Portal - with the same permissions as were originally configured in the A/D Distribution Group



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