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Reports Running Slowly in Excel 2016


When refreshing Jet reports, some installations of Excel 2016 can experience slow performance and memory issues.  As of the writing of this information, there is an issue with certain versions of Excel 2016 which are updated through the Office 365 Monthly or Semi-Annual (Targeted) update channels...


More information about the Office 365 Update Channels is available from Microsoft.


Jet Global is working to define this issue with Microsoft so that it can be addressed in an upcoming Office 365 update.  In the meantime, it is easy to adjust the Microsoft Update Channel used by your 365 subscription so that a supported version of Excel is installed.

Note: All Office 365 Update Channels provide monthly security updates

Additional Information

The following table provides information about how often each Microsoft Channel usually includes feature updates, security update, and non-security updates.  The Jet Excel add-in supports the Semi-Annual Channel.

 Update Channel Feature Updates Security Updates Non-security Updates
Semi-Annual Channel * Every six months (Jan & July) Monthly Every six months
Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) Every six months (Mar & Sept) Monthly Monthly
Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly

* Supported Update Channel

More information about Microsoft Update Channels is available from:


Currently, Jet Global officially supports only the use of the Semi-Annual Update Channel.

According to Microsoft...

The Monthly Update Channel is suitable for those organizations which "don't have many line-of-business applications, add-ins, or macros that you need to test to determine if they work with an updated version of Office."

The primary purpose of the Semi-Annual (Targeted) Update Channel "is to give pilot users and application compatibility testers in your organization a chance to work with the upcoming Semi-Annual Channel release. During this time, which is about four months, you might identify possible issues that you need to fix with your line-of-business applications, add-ins, or macros or that you want Microsoft to fix."

Resolution Process

Detailed information about how to change your Office 365 Update Channel is also available from Microsoft.

  1. Start a Command Prompt window (as Administrator)


  2. Change to the folder where Office 365 stores its support files:

    cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun
  3. Switch Office 365 to the Semi-Annual ("Broad") Channel:

    OfficeC2RClient.exe /changesetting Channel=Broad
  4. Update the installation of Office 365:

    OfficeC2RClient.exe /update user


Once that process completes, Office 365 will be configured for the Semi-Annual Update Channel...


All Update Channels provide monthly security updates

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