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Create the Jet Budgets Structure

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.

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Once we have Created a Budget and Added Users to the Budget, we can define a budget structure.

A budget structure provides the framework to help you understand and manage your budget.

Maybe you want to organize your budget by location.  Maybe by product line.  Maybe you have many budgeting categories.  Maybe just a few.

The flexibility of Jet Budgets gives you full control over the structure, so that it fits your exact needs.

Let's look at an example to see how to define that structure.

Adding a Structure to your Budget

  1. Once we've logged in to Jet Hub and navigated to the Budgets section...

    We can open our budget by right-clicking on it and selecting Details
  2. We see that our new budget is entirely empty.  There is no structure of any kind.  All we have done, so far, is create a budget and add some users so that, as we continue to refine the structure, we can assign those users.

  3. Moving to the Structure section...


    We can right-click on the budget name and begin to add sections to our budget


    How we organize the structure of our budget is entirely up to us. 

    Perhaps we want to organization our budget...


    by location:                                                         or maybe product line:

    example1.png             example2.png

  4. For example, let's organize our budget primarily by Location Revenue and Expenses by Category



  5. Once complete and we look at the budget Overview, we see that our structure is ready to start having figures added.




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