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Create Budget Work Items (Self-Assigned)

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.

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Once we have Created a Budget , Added Users to the Budget, and Defined a Budget Structure, we can create self-assigned work items which allow us to add data to our Jet Budget

Let's look at an example to see how to enter data, on our own.

Creating Self-Assigned Work Items

  1. In the Work section of the budget, we see the structure that was previously defined

    We can create a Work Item for any of the structure elements.
  2. For this example, let's create a Work Item for entering Office Admin Expenses.  Right-click on that part of the structure and select New Work Item

  3. First, we need to specify whether we will be completing this particular data alone or will be assigning the Work Item to another user who has already been added to our budget.

    For this example, we'll choose to enter that data ourselves


    Next, we'll need to give our Work Item an name.  If we have already defined a template for entering the data, we can also select the appropriate template.


  4. We are now presented with our entire chart of accounts and can select which G/L accounts  we want to use for this particular Work Item.

    On the left, we've selected the accounts for Administrative Expenses and you can see those accounts in the Preview section on the right.
  5. If there is a particular NAV Dimension or GP Segment available in this budget that we want associated with our Work Item, we can select it in the Filters area...

    budget05.png        budget06.png

    If there is any other NAV Dimension or GP Segment that we want to consider, we can also specify that in the Columns area. 

    budget07.png          budget08.png

    We can see that each of the selected G/L Accounts is now broken down by those dimension/segment values we chose.


  6. Once we have completed defining what data we want to enter, we can click the Finish button.



  7. We then have a total of three options. 

    We can choose to:

    1. enter data online (directly within Jet Hub)
    2. enter data in Excel, using a downloaded form that is specific to this Work Item
    3. skip this decision for the moment (so that we can come back later to make changes to the steps listed above)


    Entering data online is very simple.  We have the ability enter data, copy and paste, as well as have access to some basic Excel formulas.

    Entering data using Excel puts Excel's full capabilities at your disposal.  You can create additional worksheets (and even whole Jet Reports) for gathering the needed information.

    Which item you choose depends on the complexity involved in determining the numbers you need for this section of the budget structure.

    Since choosing one of the other options will result in our not being able to make additional changes to the accounts/dimensions/segments we've selected, we might choose to skip this decision, for now.  Once we're ready to enter data, we can come back and make a choice.

    For this example, we'll enter the data online.

  8. We are then presented with the online form for entering our data.  We have entry cells for each of the accounts/dimensions/segments that we selected are listed and for each of the time periods which were configured for our budget:


    We can then begin entering data.  Totals are automatically computed for each account/dimension/segment (row) and for each time period (column):


    At any time during the data entry process, we can Save and Close...


    We can then come back and make any changes until we are ready to Submit the values...


  9. Once the data has been submitted, we can see that (since we chose to enter data ourselves) the data is automatically Approved.


    If we later determine that changes need to be made to the values, we can still edit this particular Work Item by right-clicking and selecting Undo Submit.


    This will change the status of the Work Item back to In Progress.


    The Work Item can them be re-opened and changes made:


    Once the changes are done, we can Submit the Work Item, again.



  10. This Work Item is now complete.


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