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Enter Budget Data in Jet Hub

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.

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Once we are ready to add data to Jet Budgets, one of the options is to do so directly within Jet Hub.

Entering Budget Data

  1. Looking at our Work Items, we see that we have one for entering our Postage Expenses.  As the budget owner, we've decided that we have a good idea of what the postage expenses are going to be for the budget period, so we're just going to enter that data ourselves.

    So, we start by right-clicking the Work Item and selecting Open

  2. If it was not specified when the Work Item was created, we then can choose between entering data online (directly within Jet Hub) or entering data in Excel (using a downloaded form that is specific to this Work Item).


    Entering data online is very simple.  We have the ability enter data, copy and paste, as well as have access to some basic Excel formulas.

    Entering data using Excel puts Excel's full capabilities at your disposal.  You can create additional worksheets (and even whole Jet Reports) for gathering the needed information.

    Which item you choose depends on the complexity involved in determining the numbers you need for this section of the budget structure.

    For this example, we'll enter the data online.

  3. We are now presented with a data entry form that has been defined for this Work Item.

    We see the G/L accounts and any NAV dimensions or GP segments that have been configured for this:

  4. We can then begin entering data.  Totals are automatically computed for each account/dimension/segment (row) and for each time period (column).

    Some of our values may be simply numbers we type directly:



    Other values may be a percentage of other values on the form:



    or a computation based on a known figure:



    or a combination of other values:



    At any time during the data entry process, we can click Save at the bottom of the window...


    We can then come back and make any changes until we are ready to Save and Submit the values...


    Note: In newer versions of Jet Budgets, when the values are saved or submitted, any Excel functions or formulas will be maintained.  Older versions save these as their resulting values.
  5. Once the data has been submitted, we can see that (since we, as the budget owner, chose to enter data ourselves) the data is automatically Approved.



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