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Create a Jet Budgets Template

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.

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Templates are reusable forms that can make the Jet Budgets data entry process much easier.  Templates allow us to set accounts/dimensions/segments ONCE and then re-use that structure multiple times for different Work Items.

Creating Jet Budgets Templates

  1. In the Templates section of the budget, we click New Template at the top of the window)

  2. First, we need to give our Template a name.  It is helpful if the name helps specify what the Template will be used for.

    For this example, let's create a Revenue Template for use by several different departments. 
  3. We are now presented with our entire chart of accounts and can select which G/L accounts we want to use, by default, for this particular Template.

  4. If there is a particular NAV Dimension or GP Segment available in this budget that we want associated with the values that will be entered, we can select it in the Filters area...

    template03.png       template04.png

    If there is any other NAV Dimension or GP Segment that we want to consider, we can also specify that in the Columns area. 



  5. Here we have selected our Revenue accounts, specified to Filter by our Administration department, and are using each of our Customer Groups to further refine the data entry process.template06.png

  6. Once we are happy with the configuration, we can click the Save and Close link

  7. We now see our new Template in the Template section.

    If we want, we can edit the Template to change its name, the G/L accounts, and/or the dimensions or segments associated with it.
    Note that changing a Template will *not* affect any existing Work Items to which that template was previously assigned.
  8. If we were to now create a new Work Item...




  9. We can associate any previously-defined Template with our Work Item.


  10. The structure that was defined in the Template is now available for defining this particular Work Item.  We are able to modify that structure if we wish by adding or removing any of the default G/L accounts, changing the Filter, or changing the other dimension or segment associated.



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