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Jet Budgets Overview Window

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.

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The Budget Overview window is the first screen that a budget owner will see when accessing the Budgets section of Jet Hub.  This window provides the budget owner with the overall status of the budget, numbers that have been submitted, and where in the budgeting process each individual area is.

Budget Overview

  1. The Budget Overview is the first window seen by the budget owner when accessing the Budgets section of Jet Hub.

  2. The overall budget is displayed with every Section and Work Item that has been defined in the budget structure - and the current status of each Section and Work Item:


    This makes it easy to see which areas are complete, in progress, or not yet started.

    All numbers displayed are those that have been submitted and approved.  Any Work Items which are still In Progress will display all zeros (to avoid confusion about whether or not certain numbers are finalized):

  3. The totals for Work Item values roll up to the section that contains them - and section values roll up to the section in which they are contained:

    For example, we see that the software revenue values for North America and Europe roll up to the total shown for the Software section:

  4. We see that the Expenses section is listed as In Progress.  The reason for this is that the Payroll section (which is part of the Expenses section) in Progress because the Work Item for Employee Wages has not yet been submitted.

    As the budget owner, we can take a look at what's going on.  We can go to the Work Items area and choose to either Preview Data or Open that Work Item.
    If we Open the Work Item, we see that the numbers have been entered, they simply have not yet been submitted.
     If we click Save and Submit...:
    and then go back to the Budget Overview...
  5. We now see that budget numbers for Employee Wages have been Approved (because they were submitted directly by the budget owner), and each of our payroll-related sections also display as Approved.over09.png

  6. To the right, we can see additional details about our budget (the data source, company name, date range for which the budget applies, etc.).

    If we maximize the amount of budget data available on the screen, we do not have to display the Budget Details pane. We can click the small arrow at the upper right of that pane, to move it out of the way.


  7. Finally, we may also want to only show budget information to a certain depth.  Each section can be collapsed/expanded so that we can view just the information that is most important to us.



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