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Excel add-in not available during installation


During installation of Jet Reports, the Jet Excel add-in is not an available option under the Client Components:




The most common cause of this (particularly with new PCs) is when Microsoft Office is installed as Microsoft Store Apps (which do not support add-ins such as Jet Reports).

Option #1:  Determine Excel Edition via Search:

  1. Click on the Windows Start Menu, type Excel in the search box, and see if Excel is listed a Desktop App or as a Trusted Microsoft Store App:

    trusted1b.png   trusted2b.png

Option #2:  Determine Excel Edition through Programs and Features:

Alternately, you can check Windows' list of Programs and Features to find if you are running the Desktop App of Excel

  1. Open Windows Control Panel


  2. If Control Panel is in Category View, click on Programs:


    and then click on Programs and Features:


  3. Otherwise, if Control Panel is in Icon View, click on Programs and Features:


  4. In the list of programs and features, scroll and look for Microsoft Office.


    If it is present, you are using the Excel Desktop App - which does support add-ins such as Jet Reports.  See the Other Resolution Steps below for more troubleshooting tips.

Resolution if using Trusted Microsoft Store App

  1. Remove the Trusted Microsoft Store App from your system

    • Click click on the Windows start button and select Apps and Features 


    • Search for Microsoft Office, expand the listing for Microsoft Office Desktop Apps, and choose Uninstall.trusted9.png
  2. Install Microsoft Office 2016 from Office 365 or from an MSI/EXE

  3. Install Jet Reports

Other Resolution Methods

If you are already using the Excel Desktop App, here are alternate methods of resolving this issue.  Start with method #1.  If that does not resolve the issue, move on to the next method:

  1. Repair your installation of Microsoft Office

    Run either a:

    • Full Repair (for desktop installations) or
    • Online Repair (for Office 365 installations)

    of Microsoft Office from the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features menu, and attempt the installation of the Jet Excel Add-In again.

    Do not use the Quick Repair option
  2. Attempt to install Jet while Excel is open

    Open Excel.  Then run Jet Setup.exe.

    A warning will appear informing you that Excel is running.

    Close Excel.

    Continue through the rest of the installation.

  3. Attempt to open Excel while the Jet installation program is open

    Run Jet Setup.exe.

    Before proceeding past the first screen, open Excel.

    Continue with the Jet install.

    See if the Jet Excel Add-In appears under 'Client Components'.  If it does, close Excel and continue the installation.

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