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Jet Reports Field Caches

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When building reports with Jet Reports, the NL() function can be set up to return a specific set of fields from your database.  This set of fields is referred to as a Field Cache.

Understanding Field Caches

A Field Cache may appear in an NL() function in 2 forms:

  • either a comma delimited list of fields inside curly brackets: { "field1", "field2", "field3" }
  • or a range of cell references: $B$2:$G$2.

To add another field to the Field Cache, either:

  • add a comma and then the name of the field (enclosed in quotation marks) to the end of the list inside the curly brackets (in the first case)
  • or extend the cell range and type the name of the field into the last cell (in the second case)

When using a Field Cache, the Jet add-in will treat the unique combination of fields included in the Field Cache as the primary key to the specified table, regardless of whether or not those fields accurately represent a composite key to the underlying data.

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