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Import Jet Budgets Data into Dynamics NAV or Business Central

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.
This information applies to Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central


As Jet Budgets user, you may want to use the import functionality within Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central to bring your Jet Budgets data into your ERP data.

How-To Video

Importing Jet Budgets Data

This video will be a step by step overview of importing your Jet Budgets data into Dynamics NAV or Business Central

  1. Here we see that we have an existing Jet Budget with values already entered for a specific time period


    We see the company, date range, and dimensions associated with our budget.

  2. Within Dynamics NAV, we need a budget into which we will be importing the data.  From the G/L Budgets section, we click New


    We'll give our new budget a Name and Description, and we have the option to select one or more Budget Dimensions to use:


    In this case, we'll use the Dimension DEPARTMENT with our 2018 Budget

  3. We now see our 2018 Budget in our budget list:


    We can double click that budget to open it and we can adjust the filters associated with our budget, if desired:

  4. Next, we'll click Export to Excel... to create an Excel file in which we can then use Jet Reports functionality to gather data.


    We'll define the Options we want to use for this process:


    Click OK

  5. An Excel file will now be created and opened automatically:


    Because this file was opened in an automated fashion, the Jet add-in is not present.


    Let's save the file, close Excel, and then re-start Excel.

  6. Once Excel is re-started and we re-open the file, the first thing we will do is remove the unnecessary Data Validation from this file.

  7. Next, since we specifically set up our import to use our Department information, we can add that data to the form:


    Once we click OK, we can drag the resulting function to all the cells in the Department Code column.

  8. And now we're ready to gather the Jet Budget data for each combination of date period, G/L account, department


    Once we've defined that for one cell, we can drag the resulting function to all the cells in the columns with date headers.

  9. When we run our report, we see all the Jet Budgets information associated for each of our selected G/L accounts - broken down further by department:


    We'll save this file, close Excel, and return to Dynamics NAV (or Business Central)

  10. From our Budget screen within Dynamics NAV, we can now click Import from Excel...


    ... verify the Options we want to use for this budget...


    Click OK

    ... select the file that we just saved from Excel ...


    and click Open

    ... Select the worksheet within our file which contains the data we want ...


    and click OK

  11. Excel will analyze the data...


    ... Ask you to confirm that this is the data your want...


    ... and then confirm the number of entries that were imported:

  12. We can now see that data within the Budget window:

  13. If we want to see more information about a specific value, we can select that value and click the dotmenu.png button next to it...


    ... to see the details associated with that value:


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