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Reporting Jet Budgets Data

Jet Budgets is being deprecated and support is ending on December 31, 2022. Please contact your Jet partner or account manager for more information.
Reporting Jet Budgets data requires that Jet Reports be connected to the same Jet Service Tier as is the Jet Hub.

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The Jet GL() function can be used to report directly from your Jet Budgets data - without having to first import your Jet Budgets data into Dynamics NAV, GP, or Business Central.

How-To Video

Reporting Jet Budgets Data

This video will be a step-by-step overview of including Jet Budgets data in your Jet reports.

  1. Here we have the start of a basic Income Statement report:


    Let's add functions to the Budget column to show the data from our Jet Budget.

  2. Because there is an existing budget defined within Jet Budgets, once we click the Jfx button on the Jet ribbon to start the Jet Function Wizard, we can then change the function type to GL (Jet Budgets)...


    ... and now we see the parameters for the GL(JetBudget) function:

  3. We can now specify the Jet Budget Name from where we want to retrieve our budget values...


    ... and also specify the Account, Start Period, and End Period information:

  4. Once we press OK, our function is placed in our report and the appropriate value retrieved from the specified Jet Budget:

  5. We can now simply copy that function down the column through the rest of the accounts:

  6. If we want to show additional details about a particular value, we can select that value and click the Drilldown button on the Jet ribbon:

  7. The Drilldown window then displays all the work items entries that were entered to create that specific value:


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