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Error: Root element is missing


When starting the Jet Data Manager, the following error message is displayed:


Complete text from error message:

An error occurred while reading the settings file.
Root element is missing.
Do you want to make another attempt reading the settings?
If you answer no, be aware the application will exit and any changes cannot be saved.


This error message can occur when something interfered with the creation of the JDM settings file and that file is now blank.

Resolution Process

The simplest solution is to delete the blank file and allow the JDM to create a new one.

  1. Close the Jet Data Manager

  2. Open Windows Explorer.

    Type %appdata% in the address bar and press enter


  3. Navigate to Jet Data Manager Server > Jet Data Manager Server > {version}


  4. Delete or rename the Config.XML file

  5. Restart the Jet Data Manager

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