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Export to Word - the Named Range name appears instead of data


When generating a Word document using the Jet Report Export to Word feature, the name of a named range appears in the document instead of the data:



After the Word template was created (in this example using the named range CustomerNo.), the name of that range was changed within the Excel file itself:

In this example, the range was renamed to CustomerNum instead of CustomerNo

Because the names no longer match, the Export to Word feature is not able to find the data.

Preferred Resolution Process

  1. Use Excel's Name Manager to return the name back to what is used in the template created for your report.

Alternate Resolution Process

If it is necessary to keep the new name of the range, it will be necessary to edit the Word Export template.

  1. From the Jet ribbon, select Configure Word Export.

    You'll see that the cell reference for the renamed range is missing

  2. Select the new name from the appropriate pull-down list:

    Click Save

  3. Go to the Template tab and click the Edit Template button.


    You'll see the old name in the template:

  4. Select that name by clicking the three dots dots.png

    and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

  5. Add the NEW field name to the same location.

  6. Close the Word template

  7. Click the Save button on the Configure Word Export window

  8. You should now be able to generate your Word document with the correct data.

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