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Create a Dynamics NAV SQL Data Source in Jet Hub

This feature is available in Jet 2019 R2 and higher

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You can define a data source connection to Dynamics 2013-2018 from directly within Jet Hub.


  1. From the Jet Hub Admin menu, select Data Source Setup

  2. On the Data Source Setup window, click the + Add Data Source button

  3. On the Details screen...

    • Give your NAV data source a descriptive name

    • For the Database Type, select Dynamics NAV 2013 - 2018

    • For the Connection Method, select Direct SQL Server

    • Click Save

  4. Move to the Authentication screen...

    Specify the user credentials needed to connect both to the SQL Server as well as to Dynamics NAV.

  5. Move to the Connection settings...

    • Specify the Server name where the NAV SQL database can be found.

    • Select the name of the NAV SQL database.

    • Enter the name of the default (even if it is the only) Company name within the database.

    • Click Save.

  6. If needed, adjust any defaults in the other settings sections (contact your system administrator or specifics).

  7. Click the back arrow next to the Save button

  8. Your new data source will be displayed on the Data Source Setup screen.


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