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Sample Technical Requirements for Hosting Jet Hub in Azure

Jet Hub can be hosted in an Azure environment.  This can be convenient for organizations which do not have sufficient internal infrastructure for hosting a web environment.

Listed below is a sample Azure configuration that would support a typical install.

For pricing, please refer to Microsoft's current pricing documentation.


  1. Virtual Machine

    • 1 D2 v3 (2 vCPU(s), 8 GB RAM) x 730 Hours; Windows – (OS Only);
    • 0 managed OS disks – S4,
    • 100 transaction units
  2. Azure SQL Database

    • Single Database, 
    • Standard Tier, S1: 20 DTUs,
    • 250 GB included storage per DB, 1 Database(s) x 730 Hours,
    • 5 GB Retention
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