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Using "Basic User" Authentication with Jet Reports and Jet Hub

This feature is available in Jet Reports v20.3 and higher.


Jet Reports and Jet Hub support Basic User Authentication.  This enables those organizations who are *not* using Active Directory or Azure Active Directory to continue to add users through the use of a simple username and password method and allow those users to access the Jet Service Tier

How-To Video

Adding and Using a "Basic User" Account

This video provides a walkthrough of how to create and use a Basic User account to connect to the Jet Service Tier

  1. Installation

    Early in the installation process, the Jet installer includes the option for Basic User Authentication


    Later in the process, we are prompted for the required information about the Admin User who is created automatically by the installer:


  2. Defining Users in Jet Hub

    Once the installation process is complete, the Admin User can define additional users (both regular and admin) through the User Management area of Jet Hub:


    From there, we can click on Add User...


    ... and then enter the required information for the new Basic User:



    The new user account is now available for use in connecting to the Jet Service Tier from within both Jet Hub and Jet Reports.


    (note that Basic User account information can also be edited and/or deleted from within Jet Hub).

  3. Connecting to the Jet Service Tier from Jet Reports

    Basic User accounts can be used to connect to the Jet Service Tier from Jet Reports.

    To do so... from the Jet ribbon, navigate to App Settings:



    On the Settings Location tab, we can select Sign in with a different Authentication Method...


    and then click Sign in with the Jet Hub. 

    We are then presented with the login screen for Jet Hub, where we can enter the credentials that were configured within Jet Hub:


    and Jet Reports will be able to connect to the Jet Service Tier using that Basic User account:


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