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Using First Sheet with CSV and TXT Outputs in the Jet Scheduler


This article addresses how to use the First Sheet option when using the CSV or TXT output formats in the Jet Scheduler. This functionality is only available in Jet Reports 20.4 and later.

Select the sheet option for CSV or TXT outputs

  1. On the Jet ribbon, click Schedule. The Scheduled Tasks window opens.

  2. Create a new scheduled task, or open an existing one.

  3. On the Reports tab, select either CSV or TXT as the Format. The Sheet drop-down list appears.

  4. Select First Sheet from the Sheet drop-down list. This option will take only the values on the first sheet and output them into a single file in the specified location. If there are hidden sheets in the workbook, they will be removed and the next sheet will be considered the first sheet.
    The option All Sheets will become available in the future.

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