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Jet Reports – Configuration with Active Directory Group Security


This document describes the necessary configuration for Jet Reports if you are managing the security in your NAV or BC environment by Active Directory Security Groups.  The screenshots in this example are based on local groups, but the principle is the same.

Group Setup

A group is setup, with one or more windows users as members.



NAV/BC User Setup

The user is setup as follows.  Note that the user is not assigned any permission sets or User Groups directly.


If Jet Reports is setup to connect directly to SQL and with the Windows Current User as the account for the roles and permissions, the following error will be seen.  This is because there are no Permission Sets or User Groups assigned directly against this user.



NAV/BC AD Group User Setup

A user card is setup in NAV/BC for the Active Directory Group.  The permission sets and User Groups are setup against this user card.

When logging into NAV/BC client, the application will recognize whether a user is a member of a group and apply the appropriate permissions.


It is a requirement to setup a Dynamics NAV Password for this AD Group “User”, and this will be used by Jet Reports for authentication.


Jet Reports Data Source Settings Setup

In this setup, a direct SQL connection is being made to the database.

There are 2 accounts used for authentication as follows:

  • Account which is used to connect to the database on the SQL Sever
  • Account whose roles and permissions are used when accessing the data source

Specify the Dynamics NAV User and Password for the AD Group User as shown below.


A separate set of Dynamics NAV credentials can be setup and maintained for each AD Group User.

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