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Azure Active Directory Installations - Office 365 License Activation



After purchasing Jet Reports, you will be sent an Activation Code.

This code looks something like this:   12ABCD34-56E7-890F-A1BC-234D567EF89A

Generally, Jet Reports user licenses are assigned to the Windows Domain\Username or Machine Name\Username if no Domain exists.

However, if your organization utilizes both the Jet Service Tier and Jet Hub with Azure Active Directory Authentication, you can activate your user licenses using Office 365 Email Addresses rather than Windows Credentials:

Step 1 - Install the Jet Excel Add-in with Azure Active Directory Authentication

  1. Ensure that 'Azure Active Directory' is selected while installing the Jet Excel Add-in:


Step 2 - Supply the Azure Active Directory Client Application Details and Jet Service Tier/Jet Hub settings

  1. Ensure that you have the required Client Application Details and enter them during installation:

    (see Installing The Jet Service Tier / Jet Hub With Azure Active Directory for reference)

  2. Click 'Next' and proceed through the installation making sure to supply the required Jet Service Tier and Jet Hub connection details:


Step 3 - Activate your Jet License via the Jet Service Tier

Your system administrator can choose to store your organization's Activation Code in a centralized database which can be accessed by the Jet Service Tier.  If this has been done, you can activate your license via the Jet Service Tier using your Office 365 credentials

    1. Select Activate Jet License from the Help button on the Jet ribbon. Then select the Activate via the Jet Service Tier option

    2. Enter the server name and port number for your Jet Service Tier:.

    3. Ensure that your Jet Hub URL is correct then select the 'Sign in with a different Authentication Method' radial button and click 'Sign in with the Jet Hub'

    4. Click the Office 365 Sign-In button and supply the Office 365 credentials for the account which your Jet Reports user license has been assigned to.

      Please note this Office 365 account must be granted a Jet Reports user license by adding it as a record in the 'Email' column of the Jet License Portal.

    5. Once you have signed in with your Office 365 Account, click the 'Activate' button to process your Jet License Activation and confirm that you have activated with the correct User Type.


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