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How to Download and Install ISW Data Entity Packages

This procedure is to be performed by your F&SCM Administrator. Once this procedure has been completed, you can proceed to How to set up the F&SCM Hybrid data source connector with Jet Reports.

To download and Install ISW Data Entity Packages

  1. Receive and download the ISW package zip file.

  2. Log in to Lifecycle Services.

  3. Go to the project D365 F&SCM Jet.

  4. Scroll horizontally to the right and select Asset Library.

  5. Select Software Deployable Package.

  6. Select the ISW package zip file sent and import it.

  7. Go back to the main LCS screen, select your D365 F&SCM Project, then select your JetEngineeringFaSCM environment (or your custom one if you made one).

  8. Select Maintain > Apply Updates at the top. The packages are loaded.

  9. Select the deployable package that you want to apply, and click Apply. The job is queued to run on your environment. Your setup is complete once that is done.

  10. Log in to F&SCM and view your entities in the list. Choose Data Management > Data Entities and perform your search.

    You may need to use the filter to ensure you see the entities you want. The Target entity filter will show the direct names.


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