Annual cumulative


I've created report for example from date A (7.1.2013) to date B (9.1.2013). This dates are user defined.
I have two columns: Quantity Sold and Actual amount of Sales.
These two columns repesents data from 7.1 - 9.1.
I've would like to have two additional colums for annual comulative. I wuold like to have
Quantity Sold and Actual amount of Sales to show me data from 1.1.2013(fixed date) to date B (9.1.2013).
I'm using a pivot table and Jet express connected to Microsoft dynamics NAV(ERP). Data is coming from table witch I get it with Jets express.

Is it possible to make such query with Jet(How)? Or can I do this with Excel functions(How)?

Here is the picture of my report.

Thanks for answers.


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