Reference not valid

I have installed Jet Report Express for NAV 2013; everything is configured, the connection is OK.
But when I want to run the pre-built reports, like for example Sales statitics created by Stephen J. Little, I always get a message error 'Reference not valid'.
Before posting this message, I read the existing posts, I tried to solve my issue but no success.
All fields seem to be good; no #value…. The data are well displayed in the Excel Sheet, with the right data extracted from the database but impossible to refresh any cross-table.
Additional informations :
- Excel 2013 French
- Settings : language selected in the Jet add-in : ENU
- Language interface : french

Those settings are not really the good ones because in the data Excel sheet, I have some fiels with name in English (OK) but some fields in French (Option). Why not all fields in french or English ?

Waiting for a solution

Kind regards


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