Jet Express reports and upgrading NAV 2013 to new version

My company is planning on upgrading the MS Dynamics NAV 2013 to a newer version of MS Dynamics NAV 2015 around Jun or July of this year 2015. I am currently working on installing Jet Express to create tables, reports, and dashboard, etc…and save them on SharePoint for the PMs to view the reports.

would I be able to save these Jet Express reports directly to SharePoint, so my PMs can view these reports when they use SharePoint?

Also, I would like to know what is going to happen to the Jet Express reports that have been created during or after MS Dynamics NAV 2013 is upgraded to NAV 2015 version . Would I still be able to open my existing tables, reports, etc..in Jet Express and be able to save them to SharePoint when the upgrade is done.

Vida Nguyen

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