NAV 2015 - Connection Issues

I'm trying to connect Jet Reports Express for NAV to a new NAV 2015 database, without any success.

I'm able to get Jet Express to work when I install it on the actual NAV Server and configured and run it there. However, when I install Jet Express on local workstations and run the 'Test Connection' function, I get the following message: "The data provider returned the following error: Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\user'."

Here are the specifics on how I've got the Data Source Settings configured:

– Connection: Server, Database, and Company are all defined in the same way as works when I successfully run it directly from the NAV server
– Authentication: I'm using the 'Windows authentication (current user)' option for both the NAV database and NAV roles/permissions options.

Regarding the Authentication setups: I've tried as many different combinations of the Authentication options as I can think of, but none of them have worked while trying to connect from a workstation. I am able to connect to NAV on these same workstations without any problems, which means that–for NAV–the Windows authentication is working properly and that the user does have access to NAV. Again, I'm connecting via a NAV client installed on the workstation locally.

There's clearly some additional configurations needed that I've not been able to identify–what am I missing? I've tried to follow the 2013 instructions, as well as possible, but they don't really match the current Jet Express client. Are there instruction available specific to NAV 2015 and the updated Jet Reports Express client? All I know is that I can't get anything to connect properly.

Please advise. Thanks,


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