Test Connection Error: unable to open database file

While configuring the Data Source Settings for Jet Express, I'm getting the following error message when I run the "Test Connection" function: "The data provider returned the following error: unable to open database file"

We're running NAV 2015 and using the "Dynamics NAV 2013 and later (SQL Server)" option for our Data Source Type.

This was working a few weeks ago, with what I believe are the same configurations (screen shots from the working configuration look the same), and I'm not aware of any obvious changes that have taken place to the database or our NAV configurations.

I know I get completely different error messages if I intentionally configure any of the following Data Source Settings fields in a manner I know is wrong: Server, Database, and all fields on the Authentication tab.

This basically only leaves the Company field. I also receive the same message if I leave the Company field completely blank.

Another tidbit that may or may not be important, when I click on the drop down for the Database, I see various databases on the server, but when I click on the Company field drop down, I don't see anything come up. I don't remember if this is how it behaved before or not.

Any ideas on what my problem might be?



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