Date format (filter) NOT working

Dear Community,

I need your help I am all new to Jet Report, and have been setting up the interface so it fetches data. However, when I try to set an date filter (in the GL window) I get the error that the filter is invalid. Here is a little background info on my setup:

Excel 2013 (32-bit) Danish
Regional Settings on Windows; danish (dd-MM-yyyy)

NAV2013 (English, United States) running on a English Windows Server 2008R2
Regional Settings on Windows Server; Swedish (yyyy-MM-dd)
MS SQL 2008R2 (collation: Finnish_Swedish)

I have tried every possible way (I could think of) to alter the date in the "GL Windows", however, no luck. Can anybody help? I would prefer NOT changing the regional settings on windows.

Hope you can help, BR



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