JetExpress for GP - normal balance and inactive accounts

Two quick questions for someone new to JetExpress for GP.

First - GL account typical balance setting - debit vs. credit.
When using the GL function to insert balances, is there any way to have the returned balance automatically returned as positive or negative based on the typical balance debit/credit setting on the GL account in GP? I'm not seeing it if it's there.

I can work around it, but it means more row replicator sections and manual adjustments to the cells containing GL function to reflect the normal balance properly.

Second - excluding inactive accounts.

Using the GL function to insert a set of rows using an account category.
The row replicator expands the list of accounts but includes inactive GL accounts as well.

Is there any way to exclude inactive accounts? Those clutter the report with undesired info. Again, we can work around the issue by creating additional sections to manually exclude the inactive accounts or not using account categories if they contain inactives.

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