Ambiguous identifier between 2+ objects


One of my report's end users receives the following error when they attempt to Refresh a report that connects sales invoice lines to shipments, item ledger entries, and relevant item and customer information:

"The identifier 'Country/Region' is ambiguous between two or more objects. Please change the duplicate name or caption in your database or specify a unique number, name, or caption in your formula".

I've attached the table hierarchy from the Table Builder, if that's helpful. The purpose of the report is to connect sales invoice lines to the associated item ledger entry, so we can have customer, item, and lot number information on the same report. I linked the Sales Invoice Header field "Ship-to Country" to the Customer field "Country/Region", which then references the table "Country/Region" to pull in the country name, not just the code (eg. report shows "Canada" instead of the code "CA").

Out of 5 or so users, this is the only user encountering this issue; the report works perfectly for everyone else. We're in NAV 2015 with the latest version of Jet Express.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!


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