How can I load picture with Excel 2007

Hi everybody,

I have Jet Reports 7.1. Many of my user's computer use Excel 2007.
My Jet Reports is a report to see items and many informations of them.
I use NL function with "rows" to load the informations.
I want to load picture of my Item.
So I use NL("Picture";"Item";"Image"; <…many filters…>). That work with my items which have Picture but for all items which don't have Picture, Excel 2007 send a error message
"An error occured with the importation of the file" and the name of the file.
With my rows i have 500 items and one half of then haven't got pictures, so I have thi error message 500 times.

With Excel 2003, I haven't got thi message.

Thanks for your help.

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