Currency Factor from Sales Header

Hi all,

I'm doing a calculation on the Sales Invoice Lines (and Cr.Memo) and came into something interesting when validating my reports. Here is my calculation as it stands now:

=nl("sum","Sales Invoice Line","Amount","Posting Date",I$30,"Type","Item","Gen. Prod. Posting Group",$G34,"Document No.",nl("Filter","Sales Invoice Header","No.","Customer Type",I$33,"Posting Date",I$30))
This works fine for our 'default' currency, Canadian $. However with any other currency, there is a field called 'Currency Factor' on the Header that needs to be taken into account. i.e. [Amount] / [Currency Factor].

With the amount being on the line, and the currency factor on the header, how can I do this calculation in Jet? I can normally find creative ways to do this kind of thing, but not today.


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