Finding a Date which is below a FilterDate

I'm making a Report for the NAV(5.1) basic Report "G/L Total-Balance" with the help of JetReports.
I want to find the Starting date of a certain Accounting Period, based on the Date the User enters,
but because the entered date does not have to be a date that is a really existing Startingdate in The "Accounting Period" - Table,
I need to filter for a Date that is below the date, which is entered by the user.
My attempts don't seem to work, cause i got no result at all.
That is what I have done:

=NL("Rows";"Accounting Period";"Starting Date";"New Fiscal Year";"-1";"Starting Date";NP("Date Filter";;Options!$D$6))

Does anyone have ideas and can help me.
Thank you in advance.

Solved the problem. The Formula was more or less correct (if i replace "rows" with "last" it does exactly what it should do).
Just my C/Front worked wrong after Navision 2009 - Upgrade

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