Maintaining Jet Reports

Hi everyone,

I'm having a bit of trouble maintaining our Jet Report Versions along with Schedules.

We are using Jet 7.1 with Nav 5.0 SP1 since May '09

At the moment i have 2 Directory Structures.
Forms\Backup_Forms\Jet - Sales and Marketing (this would differ depending on what the reports are and holds .xls for Scheduling)
Forms\Jet - Sales and Marketing (this holds the .xlt so the users/Account Managers wont have errors with 2 people saving/running the report at the same time)

I have a total of 48 Reports with 51 schedules

the end result is if i change an option on the report i need to fix up 2 spreadsheets and a schedule (which is on another computer)

could someone give me some pointers on how they have set it up?



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