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I am fairly new to Jet Reports, and was hoping someone may have some insight into a problem I am having. I am creating a Item sales by month report. So I have it setup with the current month in the last column and using an excel date function going back to the last day of the previous month 12 months, so I have a date range of a year. I then have referenced the date in the first column as above each of the dates going forward. I hope this makes sense so far. What i want to do it get the sum of the qty sold by filtering the posting date of the beginning of the year against the month going forward. More or less to track the sales trend over a 12 month period of time. I am having trouble filtering using cell references. How would I say filter the posting date in cell $H$5..$H$6 or something like that. Again I hope this makes sense to someone. Any suggestions how I might approach this are greatly appreciated. :D

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