Automatic refresher+MUI

Hi all,

First off, I'm fairly new to Jet Reports, so please bear with me, if I sound a bit noob'ish.

I'm thoroughly enjoying creating reports with Jet, though I have two questions (and yes, I have seen the light: I tried the search function first :lol: )

* My regional settings are Dutch(BE) - Period, thus, I need to have my office in the same language setting. However, I'm fairly used to working with office in English(US) and would like to keep it that way. Is there any prospect on getting an update/patch on this? My colleagues share this situation and it would greatly help us if we do no longer have to keep the regional settings in mind.

* Is there a way I can manipulate a macro, in order to have an autorefresh function? The general idea of what I'm trying to accomplish is to create a dashboard of sorts, that runs on a separate computer. This dashboard is naturally created in Jet Reports and would be running during work hours. Every, 10 or 20 seconds, it will refresh itself to show the most current data (as the data could be updated through updates through the web, internally, etc…). Any ideas? Refreshing the report usually doesn't take too long, so 10/20 seconds intervals hopefully do not stress the connection too much (I hope?).

Many thanks in advance!


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