Reformatting Date in Cube Report

We have just started using Enterprise, and need a descending sort by the field "Date YQMD".

The current format of "DATE YQMD" is "YYYY MMM" so the result of "2012 Sept, 2012 Oct" sorts alphabetically (not in date order). Thus, resorting by descending order does not correctly sort in date order.

I tried using the "Month" field in columns the "Year" or the "Date YQMD", but that is summing up only by month (i.e., both 2011 Apr and 2012 Apr incorrectly show $311,154).

If the format of "DATE YQMD" can display as "YYYY MM", or even "YY MM MMM", alphabetic sorting would be fine.

I know how to format dates in Jet Essentials reports and tables, but how do I do it in an Enterprise Cube table?

Maybe I need to make a Jet Report with ah second page built using the Cube, and add a Report column reformatting the date?


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