NL Rows by filter using NL Sum

Hello everybody!

I'm stick on a formula and I don't know how to solve it. Hope you guys can help me.

I want the following in one formula:
A list of all the Customer No. from the table Cust. Ledger Entry with these filters:
-> Customer No. is an option via a lookup formula. (can be more than 1 Customer No. off course)
-> The sum of the field Remaining Amount from the same table for each customer may not be 0.

This is the formula I already have:
=NL("Rows";"Cust. Ledger Entry";"Customer No.";"Customer No.";Options!$C$2;"Remaining Amt. ($)";NL("Sum";"Cust. Ledger Entry";"Remaining Amt. ($)";"Customer No.";Options!$C$2)<>0)

Problem is that the NL Sum will calculate the Remaining Amount on the total of Customer No.'s on the Options page (e.g. CUS001..CUS010). I want it calculated per Customer No.
Further, the error I get from the formula is Invalid Filter "True". I understand why, but I don't know how to correct the error… :evil:

I'm hoping the specialist of this forum can help me! :)


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