GL Dimensions

Hi All,

I am trying to write a report where i list all the G/L accounts and sum all G/l ledger entries in a certain period by their ledger entry dimensions (global 1, global 2, shortcut 3 and shortcut 4 in my case).
Global 1 and global 2 are in the G/L ledger entries but additional ones need to be pulled from the ledger entry dimension table.
In the attachment, it is partially working just using the 2 global dimensions but is repeating some of the dimensions.
I don't know a better way or how to get this filter right.
If anyone can help me solve this problem then i can try the next step of getting the ledger entry dimensions pulled through as well.
The reason for trying to summarise this way is that there are too many gl entries to pull through each line individually so i need to summarise per Gl account, per Dimension combination which must include blanks if any.

Many thanks



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