Working out amount excl VAT with Jet


I am using the "Outstanding Amount (LCY)" field in the Sales Line, which includes VAT.
I would like to work out this amount excluding VAT, using the "VAT %" field, also in the Sales Line.

I am using the following formula but getting a VALUE error:
=NL("Sum","Sales Line","=IF(NF(,""VAT %"")=0,NF(,""Outstanding Amount (LCY)""),NF(,""Outstanding Amount (LCY)""),/NF((,""VAT %"")/100)+1)","Sell-to Customer No.",$F31,"Shipment Date","01/02/13..31/01/14")

I would be really grateful if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong or suggest a better way of working this out!

Thank you


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