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I am new to the Jet Reports and Jet Data Manager application, but am making a lot of progress on cubes very quickly. However, I am currently stuck and wonder if anyone has any advice.

In the Business Function, in one of the tables I am trying to add together the information from 2 columns - [First Name] and [Last Name] to allow a custom field to be created showing someone's full name. In SQL Server I have run the following query which displays the correct results:

SELECT [First Name] + ' ' + [Last Name]
FROM [RICHARD_STAGING].[dbo].[DR_LIVE_dbo_Employee_V]

However, in trying to replicate this as either a SQL Snippet or as a "Custom Value" within "Field Transformations", I keep getting errors and don't know why the code won't work. If anyone can offer any advice as to how the query should be structured to allow this concatenation to work it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advace

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