Help with performance


I've been working with jet reports for years (extremely happily). The company I consult for recently took over another company, and have asked me to duplicate many of the existing reports for their new (similar) system. One such report includes a list of all orders for a particular contract, and summing up the invoiced amounts for each order. This was trivial for my inital report as the order no. field was populated on purch. inv. lines. However, the new system doesn't populate this field for some reason so I have to go through the receipt line table. This is making the whole thing extremely slow (~ 2 hours per report). Below are some code snippets. If anyone has any advice on how I might be able to improve performance (or knows a different way to get similar information), I'd be extremely grateful.

My order no. is in cell D5.

I have a hidden cell (J5) with the formula:

=NL("Link","Purch. Rcpt. Line","Purch. Inv. Line","Document No.","=Receipt No.","Line No.","=Receipt Line No.","Order No.",$D5)

And then another cell:

=NL("Sum","Purch. Inv. Line","Amount","Link=",$J5)

Thank you very much.


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