relative reference to show/hide

Hello - I am working through building a report and hit a snag. I am building out a structure where I dynamically replicate multiple entry numbers for a given transaction number. I would like to show or hide each replicated row based on whether the sum of the replicated section is equal to zero.

When I try to to this through relative/fixed references either the reference drags down one too far each time or double sums. Is there a way that I can keep the top reference in the section static without adding up the entire report as opposed to just the individual section.

Here is my formula:

=NL("Rows=4","G/L Entry","External Document No.","G/L Account No.",$K$7,"Company=",$K$5,"Global Dimension 2 Code","@@"&$D18,"+External Document No.","<>@@","+Posting Date",$K$13,"Global Dimension 5 Code","<>@@")

The 1st row is the Ext Doc No.
The 2nd row is the Anchor Row
The 3rd row is the Subtotal
The 4th row is a spacer row in between Ext Doc No. intervals

I appreciate the help.


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