Hiding Data Jet Report


I would appreciate anybody's help on this.

I have created a report based on Sales Header, Sales Line and Customer tables and linked the tables accordingly. This is laid out in 3 groups. The first group shows Sell to customer No., sell to customer name, balance, credit limit. The second group shows Sales document no, Status,and the third group shows Line No., No., Qty to Ship, Line Amount and Planned shippment date. The report is to show the status of all sales orders that have a remaining qty to ship of >0 and to show the order status. Therefore I have then inserted subtotals based on document no. and sell to customer no. so this gives a total for each order and an overall total for the customer. I have then inserted extra subtotals in the subtotal area to total "Pending Approval Orders", "Open" orders and "Released" Orders which all work fine.

I now only want to show records where the total orders for that customer exceed the customers available credit. This is why I have inserted the balance and credit limit into the report. A formula has then been inserted into the totals area again based on Credit limt Less Balance to give an avaibale credit figure. If the total of the orders for that customer irrelevant of their status is greater than the available credit I want the report to show the data. If not then hide this.

I hope this makes sense. I have tried the show and hide rows functionalty but still can't get this to work. I would appreciate anybodys help on this.



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