[SOLVED] NL Complicated Formula


For one of my reports I have to get a total for "Remaining Amt. (LCY)" from "Vendor Ledger Entry" table. But, each remaining amount has to be converted into another currency, using the exchange rate valid at the posting date of each open document…
Is there a way to put all these conditions into one single (complicated) Jet formula?

So far, I think it should resemble something like this:
=-NL("SUM","Vendor Ledger Entry","=NF(,""Remaining Amt. (LCY)"")/NL(""Last"",""Currency Exchange Rate"",""Relational Exch. Rate Amount"",""Starting Date"",NP(""DateFilter"",,NF(,""PostingDate""))","Document Type","Invoice|Credit Memo")
But of course that Excel could not evaluate the calculated field…

Any ideas? Or maybe it's mission impossible and I should stay with the old fashion way (rows and totals).



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