Jet Data Warehouse Issues

I have recently been heavily involved with Jet Data Manager.

I am having a particular problem where I am creating a fact table in the Data Warehouse by bringing in fields/information from other related tables in to one. Here is a case where I have Assembled Items that Consume Certain items in an assembly process. I have created joins and have therefore increased the number of lines per shift, the CF Numbers in the attachment. When I preview the information from within Jet, it gives me the desired results. But when I connect to the cube and I pull the fields to the relevant sections in the report , some information is missing. But when I also show all values from the filter section in excel , I see all the information that should be shown on the report. My expected results is to see when I generate report if to see and be able to group report by Shift No Item Assembled, BOM Items and their quantities.

Some urgent assistance will be greatly appreciated


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