Pivot table and Dynamic Batch Scheduler


I want to create reports that are based on Pivot Tables and sent to specific persons with personal information from a similar report. Basically, each persons sales statistics for a week. The report will look the same, but with their own personal information. I've read and watched the videos doing this with NL/NF-functions, however our databases seems to be built in a way that makes the NL/NF coding very complex/not work at all.

I've been using the dynamic batch scheduling template which is downloadable from jet reports. When I use a named range for the Batch List, they become individually filtered. However, I do not understand how to link each personal ID with their personal information through Pivot tables.

Also, when sending the pivot tables through the scheduler, they are sent to a personal email as they should. However they all send the same information, sending the full table instead of just the rows that are linked through their ID.

Is it possible to do this through pivot tables? Or do I have to use NL/NF functions?


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