Trouble with Nested Function in a NL(columns) function

Hi all,

I have an issue I seem to be having slight trouble with. Nested Functions aren't my strongest suit yet (if anyone has a link to the Q&A or guides where I can learn some more, that would also be great).

I Have the following function in C5 : =NL("columns=5";"Vendorbankacc";"Vendorno.";"Code";"RP"), to get Colums of all vendors who have a bank account with the dubbed code RP. This works just fine.

What i really is to return the name instead of the number. The way I'm solving this at the moment, is simply to create a lookup in C6, the cell below, to return the name from the vendor table from a lookup in C5.

This is where I need help. I want to do something like this : =NL("columns=5";"Vendorbankacc";NL("First";"Vendor";"Name";"Vendorno.";"Vendorno.");"Code";"RP") or something. I know this doesn't work - but how do i in the Field return the name value instead of the code. Is it even possible?

Hope someone can help me.



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