Report Service Item Line Archive - Filtering

Hi guys,

I have to support a co-worker by creating a report. The report consists of the two tables "Service Header Archive" and "Service Item Line Archive". I'm joining them by "Service Header Archive" -> "No." and "Service Item Line Archive" -> "Document No.". I'm filtering by date and service order category. Also there are multiple fields I need to be given out, e.g. "Version No.". Now the problem is when the report is executed I'm having multiple lines with the same "No.", but different "Version No." (as you can see the tables are archives so it's obvious that there are multiple versions of objects). I think I can solve this issue with a filter so that only one line with all the fields is showing and under this line there are listed the remaining "Version No."`s. But how?
In the attachement there are two pictures (First: Problem, Second: How it should be). I will upload the whole file if needed.


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