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Hi all,
I am facing the problem where i got the data with the following criteria in my table:
Document Number: ABC01-01010
Item No: T001, T002, T003

Data 1: Document number: ABC01-01010, T001 (Quantity: 10) , T002 (Quantity 20), T003 (0).
Data 2: Document number: ABC01-01010. T001 (Quantity 0), T002 (Quantity 10), T003 (Quantity 10)
Data 3: Document number: ABC01-01011, T001 (Quantity: 2), T002 (quantity 3), T003 (Quantity 4).

Is it possible to let jet report to get the data in group??
T001 T002 T003
ABC01-01010 10 30 10
ABC01-01011 2 3 4

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