Sort on count with filter

I try to apply a sort on a count with a Filter (Cell E30 option1), it fails. Have also tried to make the Filter in cell D30 does not work well.
The sorting does work if I do not put in the filter (Cell E30 option2), here is a solution?

Cel D30 =NL("Rijen";"Planningsregels";"Verkoper";"-=NL(""Tellen"";""Planningsregels"";""Verkoper"";""Verkoper"";NF(;""Verkoper""))";"*")
Cel E30 (optie1) =NL("Tellen";"Planningsregels";"Verkoper";"Verzendwijze";$E$4;"Leverweek";$E$5;"Verkoper";$D30;"Bedrijf=";$E$3;"Monteurs";"<>@*veras*";)
Cel E30 (optie2) =NL("Tellen";"Planningsregels";"Verkoper";"Verkoper";D30)


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